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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Camping at Kangaroo Valley

We went camping at Kangaroo Valley last week end with Michael and Ina, long time friends from SA. Her Mom and sister and brother in law also went with. It was great fun and as always enjoyed the discovery of new places. I was very eager to buy property on the spot, as always when we are visiting the country.

Kangaroo Valley is south of Sydney, about 2 hours drive and is situated on the Southern Tablelands. We took the coastal road down, past Wollongong, Kiama and Berry. It's a beautiful drive and specially so because the green rolling hills with cattle grazing sort of roll into the sea. Pretty pretty!

On the way back we left the valley via Moss Vale and Berrima. Berrima is a quaint historical village but unfortunately we haven't had the time and the energy to discover what it is famous for..

The camp site is next to a big river where they do lots of kayaking. The girls were not keen on getting on to the river and the possibility of getting wet. Maybe more so in Carli's case than Minnette's...

Carli took a friend with since Ruan thought it would be nicer to visit with friends on the Saturday night than to spend a week end with older folk. Carli celebrated her 13 th birthday on Sunday and was spoiled by all.

I walked into town and did a bit of sight seeing in the area on foot while the rest were driving to town and sitting on their back sides.. But that's why I have the pictures of the area and they don't!!

I am still taking pictures with my mobile since no camera has fallen into my lap yet so excuse the quality and no close ups.

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Gerringong in the back ground
This farm is for sale..!!
Gorgeous little country
gardens here and there
The entrance to the camping grounds
is next to the bridge 
To the left side of the bridge
To the right side of the bridge
A restaurant and guest house 
for sale..(Sonia)
I thought the old car fitted well.
Mega milkshakes!
Saturday market under the Eucalyptus'
A place to take our visitors too..?
Kangaroo Valley Public School
Little Anglican church
Resting(contemplating)benches on the way to town
Meet Gertrude
Morning fog in camp
Ina explaining about the hole
in her pants
view of 'my farm'
Tannie Bets,Ina,Lizette,Carli and Minnette 
( all boertjies!!)
opening her presents
On the way out of the valley
A Ghost Eucalyptus. I am falling in love 
with these trees..yes I am!!

I suggested to the wedding photographer when I walked past her 
'what about a swop', she only gave me a polite smile

How can one disagree??!!

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Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Wow....the countryside is beautiful! I can live there any day, no wonder you want to buy property there. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photographs.....I am very impressed with Australia!