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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Proudly South African!!

I got this link from my friend Ingrid and thought this needs to be shared with you all.

This is one of the reasons my emotions are running havoc with me.  

First crochet project

I started on this blanket for Carli a while ago and just when I thought the end is in sight did I decide to add on a row or two. It was just too small to make it worth the effort so here I am crocheting again.

I was inspired by Sam my very creative and industrious friend while living in Spain. She always has some project she's busy with. So here I am Sam, after 16 months in Ozland following suit. Another week or two and it will be finished.

This is my first ever crochet project so I am very proud of myself.. One needs to get praise from some where :)


I haven't been active for quite a while due to various things happening and emotions I had to deal with.

I did my orientation with the New South Wales Dep. of Ed. and Training the previous week and 5 days of in school assessment last week. All went well and apparently I am still fit and able to teach. Yeah for me!! So now to go and hand out my shortened version of my resume to different schools in the area. We'll see if they like my face :)

On the emotional side, without blabbing too many personal details I'll just say that moving abroad is not for sissies. We left South Africa August 2006 and started a new life some where else and life carries on and life is good and then we got bad news from SA and the Soccer World Cup happens in your birthland and then.... And you are not so strong anymore.

But here we are, the sun is shining, I have a new washing machine, Carli had her 13th sleepover birthday party here last night, (lots of laughter and noise and tired eyes this morning..), we will be with friends later today and on we go! So many blessings and another sunrise with wonderful promises.

The photo was taken by a 'Weg Tydskrif' user.  Used with permisson.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Journeying through life

Would we have been scared, excited, unsure, exhilarated if we had known what the future holds for us as a young adult? Maybe all of the above, but we might not have had the courage to go on or on the other hand to storm ahead and don't learn the lessons that life has in store for you.

God knows best not to reveal the future but He promises that He will be there to guide us if we put our hand in His. It makes the journey so much more safe even in those times when life knocks you down and you barely can lift up your head and so much more joyful when your cup runneth over.

Enjoy your journey, and don't forget to be glad at the beginning of a new day and to give thanks at the end of a day.

I am 'stealing' a quote from a friend...

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. (Wayne Dyer)