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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Australia Day, 26 january

I know I am a little bit late with this, but does time matter..? Last year Carli and I arrived in Australia on the 27th of Jan. so we missed our first celebration with the Nation.

That flag must be the size of a rugby field. The  flags on the bridge are already quite big.

We went into town by train and it was quite chaotic. Couldn't believe so many people could fit into it. Great fun!

One of a few well decorated yachts. On the background one can see the 4 tall ships(if you click on the photo it will enlarge)

Gaby hurt his ankle while on holiday so we could not move around as wanted but we 'parked' him in the Botanic Gardens and he was able to watch the ferry race and after that also the tall ship race. Lots of other exciting things were happening around him to keep him occupied.

I think this guy must have lost a few kilos wearing that suit in such extreme heat.

It was extremely hot that day. Close to 40 degrees if I remember correctly so everybody was protected against the fierce sun. These Ozzies love the sun but also take good care to protect themselves. Surely there will always be those who think they are invincible but generally a hat is part of the attire.

All the flags and painted faces and 'I love Australia' t-shirts reminded me of my visit to the USA where we celebrated 4th of July with the De Bruyns in Atlanta. I think the Americans tops the Ozzies with patriotism and celebrations but this bunch gave them a good go.

I do enjoy this view of the city so much.

The motorshow was in Macquarie str and it was bliss to walk in shade looking at all the lovely cars. We wish you could be here Cesar to enjoy it with us.

Kids playing in a fouintain. I was desparate to join them.

Afterwards we went with Debbie and Gavin, SA friends to a street barbie which they organised. Ozzies, Polish, Jews, South Africans, Kiwis all enjoying a typical Ozzie barbie. We were totally spent after that.

 There are so many things going on at different places in town that one could entertain yourself and be entertained in many other ways. Becoming a citizen is also part of the celebrations. Where it was held in Sydney I do not know but in the smaller towns it is apparently a big part of the daily celebrations. We'll see when our day comes.. :)

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Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Wow...Carina....thanks for all the lovely photos and info on Australia! You do live in a beautiful city!!!! The streets like Macquarie street and the fountain looks so pretty and well cared for...looks like a clean city!

Love the picture of the street barbie too! What fun....Ozzies, Polish, Jews, South Africans....I even spotted some Asians on your last photo......!!

I am glad you are so happy in Ozland!