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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gustaf's visit (part 3)

Afternoon trip to Central Coast.

We went for a late afternoon swim to Avoca beach and Terrigal in the Central Coast just north of Sydney and Northen Beaches. There are a few lovely coastal towns.
A little bit of country from Avoca to Terrigal.
Note the colour of the sea. Always like that as I've said before.

See Ouma Bokkie we do have lots of rocks at our coasts. She hardly saw any in Spain at the Med when they visited Gaby's brother.

Note the long beach in the back ground. A looong walk.
Interesting rock formations at Terrigal beach.

Life at the sea...

Gustaf's visit (part2)

Sunday at Manly

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On Sundays we often make use of a family pass that costs us $2.50 per person. Then one can take as many trains, buses or ferries as you want to. Economical for us. The public transport is quite pricey as everything else here in Sydney.

This day we went into town and then took a ferrie out to Manly, a popular beach  for surfers as well as for families.

The volley ball nets are there for public use.

If you take the promenade to the right you walk into a nature reserve and end up at North Head one of the entry points into Sydney harbour area. We have walked there on other visits. It is quite spectacular the scenery and there is a type of vegetation that reminds us of the Cape Fynbos. Gaby read that it is a plant community endemic to Australia and that reserve is the only place where it is found. So obviously well protected. We didn't know that previously so will take note next time we walk there.

Street cafes in the main walkway down to the beach.

Another pretty view of the operahouse and city.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gustaf is visiting (part 1)

Gustaf arrived on the 3rd December. And the dynamics of the household changed instantaneously. Like Elaine, a friend said when her 2 Uni boys arrived for the holidays, 'They do take up a lot of space'. I so agree with that statement! More noise, more washing, more clutter and more dishes and lots more fun!! It has been 11 months since we saw him last and the family reunion was GREAT!!

Here are some pictures of our time spend together up till now. I might have to create new posts/headings ever so often to make it easier to manipulate.

First day in Sydney

There are thousands of Flying Foxes/fruit bats hanging in the trees in the Botanical Gardens. It is quite a sight to see them fly off at dusk to go and feed.


The sulfur crested cockatoo is very common and reminds me of the noisy Hadedas in RSA. If ever, please not, I am not living here would I also miss them like I missed the hadedas when living in Spain.
I think one pays $80 to walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge. One is attached to railings with a harness. Next time...?

Sydney is magic at night. The picture of the people at the Opera House is taken late afternoon on a Saturday. Some are leisurely awaiting a show while others just walk around, enjoying the surrounds.