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Monday, April 19, 2010

Barbie/Braai at Roseville Chase

We went for a 'braai' with Heinrich and Tania (SA friends) and kids after church on Sunday to this beautiful place in Sydney. Again it was a 'new discovery' for us. These Ferreiras know how to introduce us to new and exciting places. Still can't believe there are so many picnic spots in the city and often close to water. Open, clean and peaceful! Lovely. Thanks guys it was a great afternoon!!

Gaby and Tania preparing 'braai broodjies',
tomato cheese and onion sandwiches barbequed.

Markus, Naomi and Carli

                                     Relaxing after the 'braai'...
                                   Late afternoon fishing for 
                      father and daughter.
                                          No explanation needed


Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Wow...what a beautiful place Carina! I am discovering Sydney together with you......and oh, I totally forgot about the "braai broodjies"....I would love to eat one right now! Everybody looks so relaxed...what a lovely picnic site.

Daisy said...

Dit was 'n lekker middag, ek lief die son! Jou foto's is stunning Carina! T x