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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scrapbook for Carli

Carli turned 13 a few weeks ago and I made her a little scrapbook as part of her present. I couldn't believe what a time consuming project it was. I loved every minute of it and she was duly impressed and thankful.

Here, just a few of the pages.

                              With all my love !!


Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Wow Carina...I am impressed!! You did such a beautiful job and what a lovely idea! I enjoyed is so much that I wish I could see the entire scrap book!

Carina said...

Thanks Ingie, It was such fun. I am busy with Ruan's 21st birthday scrapbook. End of May is his big day. MUCH bigger and about his whole life. Quite a venture. Will put pictures on later. xxx

Kristin said...

What a beautiful scrapbook! I just love it...and such a treasure of a gift too. Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars to visit. I always love meeting new friends :-)