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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Council clearance/kerb shopping

Twice a year here in Sydney we have a council clearance for your suburb. I am not sure how it works in the rest of Australia. The people start putting things they want to get rid off outside their house on the piece of land (not in the street) about a week before the actual date. Then 2 to 3 days before the council come which is usually just after a week-end, do they start putting out their stuff  in all earnest. Not a very neat picture of the neighborhood then.

For some people it is a second income, they collect old and broken things, fix it or collect things which are still in a good condition and then either have garage sales or sell it on ebay.

There are at times the most amazing things that the people discard of. If you travel through the more affluent areas you are flabbergasted about the stuff that's been discarded of. Most of our SA friends have some thing in their homes which come from the council clearance. We also a few things...or two.. The first time you stop to pick up you really have a weird feeling bit it does become easier after the second time and the third time and the ...  One of our friends' husband refuse point blank to take part in her 'shopping spree'. She takes her son with and the poor child must do his fathers job... :)

I have driven past a wrought iron bed, beautiful chest of drawers which you can't pick up because of space in your car or in your house, and many other beautiful and useful things. I have a believe that 'less is more' so I do have to keep myself in check when it comes to 'stuff'. It is so easy to hoard things.

Some of my friends will know of the beautiful red leather couch that is (used to be?) in the coffee shop at Exclusive Books in Pretoria, SA. It was my biggest treat to go and sit there with a cuppa and a few books and sink back into the soft much sat in cushions. Well Gaby, hubby, drove past a similar couch last year. He stopped and had a look. It had plastic cover over and a note saying "It's virtually brand new, it doesn't fit the interior any more..." Well he arrived without it. I am sure he could have made a plan.. like putting it on the roof or carry it home.. or ask the people to keep it inside the yard he will get a hute/bakkie/pick-up from some where and will be back in no time. Men!!!???

So with this little bit of information into the life of a Sydneysider will I leave you with a few pictures taken in our street from our latest council clearance. See if you could find something of interst there.
 I took this sewing machine home and will try and sell it on ebay..

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Ingrid DeVilliers said...

I enjoyed this was funny and at the same time informative! Lately we have been dropping everything we want to get rid of at