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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boere braai

A few weeks ago we had a very typical South African braai/barbie celebrating Tommy's birthday. He made himself a proper 'konka' braai and as you can see we had great fun sitting around it and had 'lekker' conversations about everything and what not. We left at 11:30 but the other 2 families left only way after 12. Ieteke made 'stokbrood/stickbread dough and the kids and the grown-ups enjoyed the fresh warm bread with butter and syrup. Tommy also made a pumpkin 'potjie' which was very delicious. Food was good, company was good and the fire gave us all a warm fuzzy feeling!!

Thanks guys for a lovely evening!!


Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Wow Carina maar julle kuier lekker!!! Werk julle klomp ooit daar in Australie??

Carina said...

Ha ha, So nou en dan.. Hiers so baie om te doen en die klomp SAners hou mos maar van kuier, jy weet mos.