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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Visit from friends.

Our friends Louis, Karen and Kyla from South Africa came to visit us during the July school holidays. Some of you from Spain would remember them as they also visited us there. They came a few days before Carli's birthday party which was held on the 5th April on Dom and Tanya's finca. What a great time we had that day.

Anyway Louis went to a conference in Perth and then they came over east to visit us. They are amazing travelers and are always eager to explore and are very excited about every new place they discover (and they've been around...not a novelty to them)

Louis and Karen went down to the South coast for a few days while Kyla stayed with us. They convinced me that there are fewer eucalyptus trees inland and took photos to prove it. This was taken in the Kangaroo valley. I don't know how the new arrivals to this country coped with all the trees.

Kyla must have been very glad that Carli had holiday because the previous year in Spain she went with her to the Spanish school and felt very sorry for Carli!! Anyway over here they do speak a kind of a English... Only kidding, we love the Ozzie accent and Carli is slowly picking up more of the local lingo. Wonder what her brother is going to say when he arrives in a few weeks time from SA?

Pretty rocks at West Head in Ku-ring-gai National Park

Having a Hungry Jacks meal at Manly beach.

We had a lot of fun and as always the time was to short but we are looking forward to their next visit when we are going to rent a camper and travel for a few weeks...months...mmmm!!

City centre from the Botanical gardens

Even at night time a pretty picture

 Coast line south from Manly beach

What a perfect view!

They saw kangaroos or are they wallabies... on the beach some where at the South Coast


Anonymous said...

I want to know why there isn't a "jealous" box at the end of your blog? So many pics of you enjoying the views.... Anyone want some trees? Thinking of you. Love you lots, from the ATL Forest Dwellers.

Carina said...

You didn't give your name anonymous. Who is missing me and where is or rather who is the ATL Forest Dwellers.
Solange...???? :)