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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Applying for residency in Australia

We are in the process of applying for permanent residence in Australia and how I wish some one has given us information about all the 'stuff' which can be done beforehand, specially if you are in a hurry to get it done.

A few things for all those interested in seeking 'greener pastures' in Ozland. I know all who has decided to leave their country, where ever in the world that might be, has a different reason for doing it. Be it as it may I hope some of the information I am giving here today might help to smooth things out a little.

A few things:-
1.  Get the whole family's 'unabridged birth certificates' and your 'unabridged marriage certificate', if applicable, from Dep.of Home Affairs. I think even if you don't have any plans to leave the country is it still a good idea to get it. You NEVER know..!!

2.  Just before you leave have your police clearance done for all above 16yrs. It is valid for 12 months here in Aus., as long as you haven't been back to that country. If you have lived any where else the last 10 years get from those countries as well.

3.  Have transcripts of all your academic qualifications ( IN ENGLISH!!). If you need to have your qualifications accredited by a department here in Aus. start the process asap, even before you leave your country. It's all done by internet and you can mail all your documents from anywhere. In certain states is it easier to get accreditation eg Nursing qualifications accreditation in Queensland much easier than NSW. And as far as I know once you have the accreditation is it valid in all the states. Do your home work concerning that. After receiving your transcript submit it for Australian assessment at following website:

4. If your children have attended English schools have a letter from the school stating that fact, then they don't need to write the English Proficiency test (only children above 16). If you have worked in an English environment get similar documentation. No need for the test then.

5.  Men remember to get your army clearance papers (if applicable). We eventually needed some one in SA to do the phoning and faxing because, eish...  "de computer, hy's off line" ..... etc etc :)

We are working through an agent because the company who has sponsored us to come here is also sponsoring our permanent residency visa. It is much easier but more expensive. We are just happy that they do it because ours is not so straight forward, eg we lived in Spain before we came here and we have a child in SA who is studying but on our visa application. We need to prove that he is still dependant on us which makes it more complicated with all the bank statements and rental payments etc.

The agency we are working through is called Hitchcock and associates. They've been in this business for many years and have seminars all over SA. They will be in Pta at the end of Nov again. They told us that Aus. Immigration hasn't slowed down the intake it is just that some professions are handled faster because of shortages. They have offices in Pta and Cape Town.

You are more than welcome to contact me if you have any questions and I will report back if I have more info.

I am posting a friend's blog with lots of lovely stuff and information. All in Afrikaans but quite informative and entertaining. He got me onto blogging and I feel quite embarrassed if I look at his site.


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