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Friday, November 19, 2010

Dad's visit 3

Featherdale Park

As a rule do I not like zoos but if you want to show visitors the interesting wild life of OZ is it necessary to succumb at times.

So off we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park in Blacktown, Sydney. It was great and I think we saw everything accept the platypus. Can't think there can be any more of these strange Australian animals around.
                          Frog mouths 

The koalas specially are absolutely gorgeous. They sleep most of the time because their diet, which consists only of eucalyptus leaves are very low in nutritional value. I only discovered to my dismay last year that they are also marsupials. My very learned friend from SA was just as surprised as me to gain that little bit of knowledge. Made me feel better...

I am also able to tell the difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby after our visit. A wallaby's coat has different colours where as a kangaroo's is only one colour. the Wallabies' tales are also thinner and shorter (I think..) and also the jaw bone structure of a Wallaby is different. I think the colour is the easier and more obvious difference.

The colourful and varied noises/songs the birds make was great to experience.

The fish and chips at the canteen was lovely and very affordable and the curio shop is well stocked with interesting souvenirs.

All in all a worthwhile outing with visitors.

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