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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mothers day at Bobbin Head

We left home early, at 8:15 (for a Sunday that is early!), with the Hoeks, our dear Dutch friends for a 'braai'/barbie at Bobbin Head. It is in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park only a few kilos from home. It was the most beautiful day. The sky was blue blue, no wind, few people while we were there and the company was great. We went for a walk along the mangrove boardwalk and the kids had great fun trying to catch little crabs in the mud. There are thousands of the little things. It was great to be outside and it was a wonderful mothers day for Annemarie and myself.

Afterwards we went to their house and had a few cuppas and played our favourite family card game, Bushman bridge. A card game we also played with other families while still in SA. It's a great fun game for old and young.
 These 'braai' facilities are found all over Australia. Wherever you go you'll find it. Always clean and ready to be used.
                    Mangrove boardwalk
         Would like to know what kind of Eucalyptus this is.
                                            Natural garden
                     Blue skies, I love it!

                         Fun time!!


Ingrid DeVilliers said...

I loved this post Carina! It looks like you are enjoying life in Australia! I can't believe the wonderful, clean 'braai' facilities that you have there in Ozzie is great!

Carina said...

We do love it here Ingie, lots to see and do.