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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Latin-American Fiesta, Sydney

We enjoyed a little taste of Spanish American life today in Sydney. The Latin-American Fiesta was held this weekend. We had lunch with friends, Francois and Arista (friends of my sister and her family in SA and now our friends here in Ozland) at their apartment close to Darling Harbour and then walked down to join the festivities.
                                                              Enjoying the beautiful sites and views.

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A Columbian music and dance group

                                                                 Sunday afternoon at darling Harbour

It was great fun and we enjoyed the vibe and the different song and dance groups. Carli had change to practice her Spanish once and it was lovely to hear the language again although it is becoming a little foreign to us.

Another view 

There was a churros food stall which we had to pass because the que was just too long and also we just had lunch a short while ago. It sure did smell good.

                                                   A Tall Ship in background, used for sightseeing and                                                             a Navy ship which can also be visited

We walked through a part which reminded me of Europe but instead of saying that, I said: 'It feels like I am overseas.' Now do with that whatever you want. It surely made us laugh and the remark made me wonder where I am or coming from... It reminds me of the Springbok and Wallaby game in Perth. The Aussie commentator made a remark about the fact that they don't know if it is a 'home' or 'away' game because of all the thousands of SAcan supporters in the stadium.

A mono rail, doing short trips in the city and immediate surrounds

You'll get to know our beautiful city more and more if you stick around :)

Hope you enjoyed this!

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