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Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday in Brisbane

Gaby and I went to Brisbane to celebrate my birthday. He was working there the previous 3 days and and I was blessed by been given an air ticket to join him there. We stayed at the Gold Coast for the Thursday night and then went to Ben and Beulah Martin, SA friends in Brissie (Brisbane) for the next few days.
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                                                Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast  

We had a great time sightseeing and visiting with the Martins. We have been following each other all over the world. When they were living in the Netherlands they visited us in Spain, then we visited during December in South Africa and now in Australia. We have decided we'll rather keep on seeing each other here in Ozland than to find each other in another continent. Enough is enough!! AND we are both VERY happy here, so why?

From the Hotel, inland Gold Coast
We went to Springbrook Valley which is in a rain forest and to a flower festival in Toowoomba, visited the Botanical Gardens, went to the Glass House Mountains and to a pretty town called Maleny. We didn't have enough time to see more but had good laughs and chats.

A burnt Eucalyptus still growing strong as shown in next picture.



                                    Buying veggies at a 'Just put the money 
                                                   in the box' stall.


                     The view from the 'Best of all look outs' at Springbrook Valley

             Celebrating Beulah's and my birthday with delicious home baked cakes.

                                             Country life in Toowoomba.    

                                      Crooked old trees in Springbrook.

                                                   View of Brisbane.  


More pictures later. My camera's battery died on me the last day. Waiting for pics from the Martins.

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