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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Our dear friends Fernando and Daniella from Spain (born Argentinians) introduced us to the wonderful taste of Gnocchi. Both are half Italian. It is a cheap but tasty and very jovial dish to eat together. Typical Latino. Our last meal with them in Spain was a cooking lesson by Fernando and then we shared the end result together. Sweet memories!! Well tonight I made Gnocchi for the first time with a Bolognese sauce. It is a long process but very rewarding when you manage to form the balls just like Fernando did. Salude to all who makes us smile!!

Fernando, Daniella and Santiago

Busy cooking away in their kitchen.

Good Spanish wine, excellent Italian food and amazing International fun with friends!!

Concentrating very hard. In my own kitchen.

Pre- boil. Shaped by the hands of an amateur.

The end result. Not cookbook caliber but enjoyed by the family.

¿QuĂ© piensas de mi primer intento, Fernando?

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fashion2938 said...

Oh my gosh Carina..what a blessing this Gnocchi was to me tonight!!!!! Look at the end!....... Definitely cookbook caliber!!!! It looks delicious!!!! Wish we were there!!!!!! If I get it right...this Gnocchi above was made by you in Sydney, Australia...a little while ago....right???