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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visit to South Africa in Dec 2008

I know it is almost December again, but since some of our friends have not received an update I will put some info and pictures up.

Ruan, Carli and myself spend 7 weeks in South Africa with family and friends. Gaby left for Australia the day after Christmas and started working at his new job just after he got over the jet lag.

It was obviously great to see all the loved ones again and had good laughs and at times, cries, with all. All the socializing cost me dearly in the weighing department. Just decided I will get back in a routine when in Australia but my oh my...

The children and I arrived in Sydney on the 27th January the day after Australian Day. We were sad to have missed out on the celebrations but got ready for Carli's first day at school straight away. We were very impressed with the way we were received at her school and she settled down very quickly and with great ease.

We stayed in a company paid apartment until the end of February and got to know the route to school quickly. We have survived the Sydney roads so far with out a GPS and actually do know our way quite well. I think you take note of your surroundings and get 'markers' far quicker if you venture out without the 'much longed for GPS by my children' very well.

I am posting a few of the photos which were taken during our visit.

Carli and Ouma Bokkie (Gaby's mom)

Ruan And Carli target shooting with Oupa's pellet gun.

Carli watching Grandparents' tortoise laying her eggs.

A Hadeda bird that I missed so much while in Spain.

Carli doing a sunset dance at my dad's place.

On my dad's front verandah. Notice Anneleen's (his wife) lovely garden

First time in two and a half years since I've watered a garden with a hose!!

The view at my Dad's property from the front veranda.

Waffle, cream and syrup, only at a Wimpy (similar to McDonald's, only better!)

Carli and Zuzi ( daughter of the women that worked for me in SA) at her school. She is wearing Carli's old dress.

In a Oak forest on the farm that used to belong to my brother Louis and his wife Babsie. She sold it earlier this year.

My sister in law Theresilda (Babsie for some), my sister Sonia, myself and my sister in law Martie (living in Aus) What a pretty foursome!

My brother Pieter, also living in Australia, son got married in January. The wedding was held at Botanical gardens close to Johannesburg. Beautiful setting.

At Cesar and Alna's (dear old friends) house. They have a wonderful big property close to a river.

At my sister's house in Pretoria. Her 2 sons, daughter and daughter in law.

I missed tea gardens so much while in Spain.

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fashion2938 said...

Dear Carina

It was so good speaking to you on the phone (5 minutes ago) from the US of A to Australia after all these years!!! I enjoyed catching up al the news and love your blog and gorgeous photographs!! I enjoyed every single photograph and I am looking forward to some more news and photographs to come in the near future! Your dad looks great and also Sonja and the rest of the family! You still look the same and Gawie as well! Carli is a darling girl! Till next time!! Love Ingridxx