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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday - 16 August 2009

The first day of a new venture for me!

I have decided that I might reach more people or rather that I might get regular responses from those whom I love and miss very much. It might also serve as a place of info for those who are interested in moving across the waters to bushy, noisy (birds), exciting, beautiful, English speaking Australia
... I will do regular updates and in the process share the new exciting chapter in our lives with you.

We had a rocking high temperature of 28 degrees today, remember it is the southern hemisphere and suppose to be cold. We were desperate to go to the beach, one of the many which hasn't been discovered by us yet but due to a family ailment we opted for a closer venue where we could be in the shade. We had a peaceful picnic under the Aussies' beloved gum trees and were entertained by a few kookaburras and few other cockatoo type of birds. We took, Pumpkin, our Jack Russel with but she had a hard time staying with us due to the amazing forest world which she wanted to go and discover.

I unfortunately can't add a photo of our picnic today since our little digital camera is lost. We think it might have been pinched from the car one night because I often forget to lock the car after parking in our drive way. It is also where the car stays for the night and the other morning we found my wallet open on the back seat with the little money I had in there missing. So we suspect the same happened to the camera which was often left in the cabinet. Me bad, irresponsible, yeah I know. It was very old and quite an embarrassing little object since the battery casing had to be kept into place with elastic bands and also everybody else walks around with much smarter and newer paraphernalia.

Well this is just the beginning of a hopefully long and exciting relationship I am going to have with you via this blog.


Johan said...


Johan said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world of blogging. May you spend many happy and productive(?!) hours on your blog.
By hook and by crook, we think we're first but at the moment we are not speaking too much to"Straylians", not before next Saturday's match anyhow.Must say we felt sorry for them yesterday in the Bledisloe Cup.
Cannot resist the following little barb though - please forgive us:
Petty crime in Aussie? Surely not? And then twice nogal? Must have been a Koala but at least he left your wallet.
Nice pics you posted.

Franswa said...

You go girl! Loved your first post. Keep it up!